A new era of sharing your moments

We never stop striving for smarter and more compact technology.

The introduction of Xplorer Mini is only the latest example.

Embark on a new adventure with Xplorer Mini.

Make the impossible possible

|13-megapixel HD camera|4 brushless motors

Positioning|Indoor Visual Positioning|GPS/GLONASS Dual-satellite

|1400mAh intelligent flight battery

Just fly, whenever and wherever you want

The GPS/GLONASS dual-satellite positioning ensures accuracy and safety during outdoor flights, while the indoor visual positioning allows safe hovering and flight control without GPS.

Designed for you

Drones are no longer just cold hardware. They represent one's attitude to life and an opportunity for new ways of entertainment.

This era of personalization fits the Xplorer Mini perfectly.

With our interchangeable casing design and customized patterns make the Xplorer Mini a unique drone you can express your unique personality.

Unleash your creativity

Thanks to XIRO's powerful flight control technology you can select various intelligent flight and shooting recording modes to help you make your own blockbuster.

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Get inspired and express yourself

The operation of all main control functions has been simplified to make flying as easy as possible for you.

You can 'Take off - Record - Land - Share' with few simple clicks.

No difficult procedures or memorizing button combinations are required.

Start your motors, launch the app and shine under the spotlight.

Share your best creations

Videos are automatically synchronized with your mobile device.

You can easily share them on all major social media platforms seconds after recording.

Just relax and fly

The Xplorer Mini automatically records its takeoff points.

With just one click it will navigate home and land smoothly.

The powerful flight control system automatically handles a

ll kinds of unexpected situations. The danger has often

been avoided before you realize it.

  • GPS/GLONASS assisted hover
  • Auto return home / Lost connection protection
  • Low power protection