Made to capture the heart of the moment

Inspirational and revolutionary.

Discover more aerial photography creations.

Look beyond the horizon

We always strive for creating better products, with more advanced camera and video recording capabilities.

XPLORER 4K is equipped with a brand new low-distortion camera to record the beauty of the world in its true colors.

With XPLORER 4K everyone can fly

XPLORER 4K is an easy-to-master fast-track to flying success.

With XPLORER 4K everyone can mount the propellers, install the battery

and enter the fascinating world of aerial photography and video.

XPLORER 4K is an optimization of the popular XPLORER V, recognized for

its excellent product design.

Follow Snap smart recording and photography

Follow Me self recording and photography

16 nav spot recording and photography

Far away is now so close

See every detail and amazing views thanks to the extended 1.2 km transmission distance

and 720p HD live preview on your screen.

Ready to fly

Thanks to XIRO's second generation flight control system, XPLORER 4K is incredibly easy to use with an unrivaled stability.

XIRO is one of the few companies capable of independent R&D of flight control mechanisms,

constantly working to perfect and optimize the performance of our flight control systems.

Perfect your creations with ease

XIRO Xplore app (iOS & Android) allows you to edit your

photos or videos within the app.

Filters, video editing, subtitling, music editing

and other related options are offered on this platform,

allowing you to add that extra something to your work.

Recognized award-winning design

XIRO products are winners of 6 international product design awards.

XPLORER 4K inherits the same design features of the XPLORER V, which was recognized for its superior product design

with numerous awards - among others the highly esteemed "Red Dot: Best of the Best 2016" for best product design.

Note: XPLORER 4K directly inherits industrial design features of XPLORER V. XPLORER V is the recipient of the aforementioned awards.