Futuristic design that breaks tradition

Distinctive shape that combines strength and beauty with advanced technology and industrial aesthetics.

Flight control system

The Xplorer is ready for future upgrades, has a more advanced flight control system and enables better flight experiences.

Flight TimeSpeedHeight Camera(V Kit)

Smart control and excellent grip

Compact and intuitive handling with comfortable tactile silicon and vibration signals make this remote control very convenient.

  • 3 flight levels
  • Intelligent Orientation Control
  • Auto return home
  • Auto takeoff/landing

Powerful app functions

The XIRO Xplore app has an excellent user interface design. You can preview live footage, adjust image or video settings and easily download recordings and photos to your phone. You can truly enjoy your flight without diverting attention away from your operations or the flight status.

Surprisingly great night views

The Panasonic CMOS image sensor captures amazing pictures even in low-light conditions.

Remote adjustment of the camera settings

The HD camera ensures perfect image quality.

The gimbal and camera, in one device support 1080P full HD video recording and 14 megapixels images.

Perfect for your own camera

Xplorer G model from the Xplorer series offers seamless compatibility with GoPro cameras. Your GoPro can now fly.

Your GoPro can now fly

A live preview is presented within the XIRO Xplore app once the Xplorer gimbal is fitted with the GoPro camera.

The gimbal on the Xplorer G and the Wi-Fi live preview system enable simpler flight experience.