Shenzhen Zero UAV Tech.Co.,LTD (Zero) was founded in 2015,who focus R&D and first class manufacture, recently release consumer level smart drone, and it’s one of the world class on the drone production.

The word “Zero” is originated from the professional term in aerospace technology “return to zero”, and it also represents our business fundamental that pursuing the safety and stable when developing a products. One of the shareholders Beijing Zero UAV Tech is one of the two corporations which specialize in the R&D of six core technologies in drone industry around the worldwide, including flight control, gimbal, camera, wireless image transmission, obstacle avoidance, and vision recognition. And its production line can produce all the key parts in the civilian use drone field, no matter it is commercial level drone or the consumer level drone, or the flight control and the gimbal. With its modularized design, professional flight control and gimbal and Tech.-ish appearance design, Shenzhen Zero have released the first customer drone “XPLORER”, and get a lot of recognition and popularity very quickly.

Shenzhen Zero is striving to develop globalization brand, expanding overseas market with selected global partner and opening online channels to provide drone products for the global users. Shenzhen Zero will proceed to develop the new technologies for the drone and further integrate all the technologies of designing, production and marketing. At the same time, Shenzhen Zero will also engaged in promoting the development of “+ Drone” strategy by introducing more multi-industry corporations and exploring extensive applications on the drone industry and it will bring total new user experience in the area of life, entertainment and working.